You Are


In the darkest corners

Of stippled nightmares

And foul, shapeless doubt

You are light


My silver starshine


If I Could


If I could

I would eat your sadness

Into myself and hold it there

Away from tired tears

And broken hearts

Where different shades of azure

Swirl in vicious whirlpools

Making new colors

Dancing in melancholy

For better times remembered

And brighter futures untold

Love Reprogramming – Iteration 19


Shiny people I select

To give this short life meaning

Warmer treasures I collect

That send the sad parts reeling

Through my life there has been one

Her pure spirit wild and free

She lit my world with bright sun

The world our oyster, our sea

Love requires our best to thrive

A lesson learned much too late

With heartbreak I will survive

Emotions in a tired state

As I look back on those times

So joyous and so loving

I can’t regret heart’s clear chimes

For that love I go on living