Love Reprogramming – Iteration 10


Lost love is poison

Burning the veins

The only histamines

Are glorious memories

Held close

Until this toxin

Is purged

Not by acceptance

Or merely time

The potent cure

For heart lost

Is heart found

Of course

Love for others

For nature

For self


Clearing Jetsam


When this jetsam

A tide too high to stem

This vessel cleaves and splinters

This varied clumped debris

Orbits round like tired carousels

My head rises

To meet a new distraction

Dawn approaches

Hot glint upon warming waters

The jetsam sinks

Light pours over

The earth takes flight

Clearing Flotsam

2014-12-16 08.24.07

Clouds of dark grey

Hang heavy over dreary loss

Blocking light’s true path

The rat race thickens

Warm respite not to be had

With futures in flux

Hopes are memories still held

Unrequited love

Haunts the waking life

Arresting the sense of self

A ship full of ghosts

Amongst flotsam and jetsam

New Found Truth


Since the beginning

I accepted you

Your flaws benign

To me

Enriching your being

Not once

Did my love waver

That boon

never returned

I gave freely

Always yearning


To fit your mold

Because you

above all else

awaken me

Unknown Rhythms


When thoughts


Drift back

Churning the past

Scars unseal

They purge bad blood

To progress anew

This cycle of mine

Grief, hope, regret, wonder…




Leaving me grey

From root to tip

Vitality draining

And then renewing

In strange

Unknown rhythms

Gap in the Rainbow

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In sleeping ether

I am whole

You are near me



I wake with sour courage

Slump out of bed

Nourish the body

Toil to earn worth


An existence of sorts

Void of your color

Where green grass springs

Cold grey resides


Knowing your joyful

That verdant glow

Vivid light yet remains

Grants me warm respite