A Year Put to Rest


One more year

The worst thus far

My heart rejected

The soul dejected


Except the summer

On borrowed time

When chance sprang like

The new spring sprung


But as the fall

Grew ever closer

The love once shared

Became one-sided


My hope remains

As faith unfounded

Blooded stains

Protect unbounded


Unknown Rhythms


When thoughts


Drift back

Churning the past

Scars unseal

They purge bad blood

To progress anew

This cycle of mine

Grief, hope, regret, wonder…




Leaving me grey

From root to tip

Vitality draining

And then renewing

In strange

Unknown rhythms

Gap in the Rainbow

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In sleeping ether

I am whole

You are near me



I wake with sour courage

Slump out of bed

Nourish the body

Toil to earn worth


An existence of sorts

Void of your color

Where green grass springs

Cold grey resides


Knowing your joyful

That verdant glow

Vivid light yet remains

Grants me warm respite