Love Reprogramming – Iteration 14


To be

Is to let go

Of expectations

Of labels

So that true self


Stands tall midst those

Who crave validation

But as tall

as this new self stands

Heart, body, and mind

must remain open

So nothing in life

is left inexperienced

Openness breaks the bond

that the false ego imposes

and grants us quiet stillness

knowing we are one

and everything


Personal Legend

2014-12-30 00.46.15

Powers conspire

To acquiesce

With potent omens

For hearts’ success

If what is wanted

Distilled clear

In founts of thought

We should adhere

For as we walk

This winding road

Catching signs

To lighten load

The legend’s path

has many faces

That guide and help us

tighten laces

Love Reprogramming – Iteration 12


To commit

This sacred act

Share my heart

With one yet found

I must foremost

Yearn for her

So that bond

Will anchor soundly

Second I must

Be devout

Keep her free

And whole

And growing

What comes next

Is up to her

If she’ll have me

Fingers crossed

Only then will

Love return

To fill my soul

With joy eternal