Forth and Back


Deities battling

Night and day

Feign compare

To storms inside

They whip forth

With joy unbound

And throw me back

To chasms black

Violent stirring

Stews of feels

Wild winds

Challenge my will


Love Reprogramming – Iteration 15


If we are all one

Living for others

Is living for self

Uplifting us all

With symbiotic synergy

Granting wholeness

Expelling negativity

Ascending human spirit

To realize potential

Personal Legend

2014-12-30 00.46.15

Powers conspire

To acquiesce

With potent omens

For hearts’ success

If what is wanted

Distilled clear

In founts of thought

We should adhere

For as we walk

This winding road

Catching signs

To lighten load

The legend’s path

has many faces

That guide and help us

tighten laces

My Dawn


Before my dawn……………

I stepped out

Onto cold basement concrete

Only to have it fall away

To head-smack another bedrock

My dawn was……………..

A chemical key

Shattered a dark lock

And flew open the doors to

Raw emotion laid bare

That uncut magick

The profound source

Of much needed healing

After my dawn……………..

Washed spotless

Of my sad tyrant

I shave from my face

Tired toxic stubble

To begin anew

Clearing Jetsam


When this jetsam

A tide too high to stem

This vessel cleaves and splinters

This varied clumped debris

Orbits round like tired carousels

My head rises

To meet a new distraction

Dawn approaches

Hot glint upon warming waters

The jetsam sinks

Light pours over

The earth takes flight