Ugh, Still

The vows we made

You laid to rest

Twas ours to build

But yours to kill




Born in morning with jaded eyes.

Foul solitude thrashes in a thick void,

soaked in desire for the one lost at sea.

Chaos seethes below churning tumultuous worry.

The tunnel darkens but for a spark.

Hope wanes but never dies.

Love Reprogramming – Iteration 19


Shiny people I select

To give this short life meaning

Warmer treasures I collect

That send the sad parts reeling

Through my life there has been one

Her pure spirit wild and free

She lit my world with bright sun

The world our oyster, our sea

Love requires our best to thrive

A lesson learned much too late

With heartbreak I will survive

Emotions in a tired state

As I look back on those times

So joyous and so loving

I can’t regret heart’s clear chimes

For that love I go on living

A Year Put to Rest


One more year

The worst thus far

My heart rejected

The soul dejected


Except the summer

On borrowed time

When chance sprang like

The new spring sprung


But as the fall

Grew ever closer

The love once shared

Became one-sided


My hope remains

As faith unfounded

Blooded stains

Protect unbounded